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Caminando entre el pueblo: Latino Protestant Churches Spanish - Juan Martinez

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Written in Spanish for ministry in Protestant Latino churches.

The growth and religious commitment of the Latino community in the U.S. presents a unique set of challenges for pastors in that community. Latino Protestant Churches―Ministry Challenges in the 21st Century identifies and analyzes the contemporary challenges facing Latino Protestant churches in the United States and some of the issues they are likely to face in the future. Latino pastors, and others working in the community, need to understand and grapple with these challenges. As the Latino community continues to grow and diversify, effective church leaders in Latino Protestant churches will retool their ministries to address these changes.

Table of Contents:
I. Challenges faced by the Latino Protestant Church
A. Our Identities
B. Migration and Globalization
C. Cultural Realities and Tensions
D. Latinos in the Social and Political Arena
E. Theological Challenges
F. Latino Evangelization in the United States
G. Denominational Challenges
II. Current Responses
A. Societal Responses to the Latino Community
B. Ways the Church Has Responded
1. Catholic Responses
2. Protestant Responses
III. Resources for Ministry Within the Latino Community and Church
A. Extender Family Ties
B. Vibrant Faith
C. Flexible Cultural Models
D. Multicultural Congregations
E. Commitment to both Personal and Social Aspects of the Gospel
F. Ministry in the Margins of Society
IV. Responding Today and Tomorrow
A. Understanding the Growing Diversity
B. Various Latino Church Models
C. Ministering to Today's Needs
D. Preparing the Next Generation
E. Developing New Models of Interdependence
F. Images of a Church in Action
G. Leaders for Tomorrow's Church
H. Beyond the Latino Community
Conclusion -- Dreams and Visions
1. The Latino Protestant Church of the Future
2. Being a Part of the Kingdom and a Part of Our World
3. Taking our place in God's Vision
4. Toward the Unity of the Church
5. Flashes of God's Future

Juan Martinez is Assistant Dean for the Hispanic Church Studies Department and Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Pastoral Leadership at Fuller Seminary.

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